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About the Firm

Mammen Group was founded by Anil Mammen in 1999 to provide targeted communications for Democratic candidates, Party committees, initiative and referendum campaigns, trade associations, labor unions and public interest groups. We provide message development, copywriting, graphic design, production, and targeting for persuasion mail advertising.

The firm has a long track record of executing targeted communication programs that help Democrats win hotly contested races. Over the years, our targeted direct mail has played a critical role in electing dozens of members of Congress and hundreds of state and local candidates across the nation.

We focus on motivating base Democratic constituencies and delivering compelling messaging to persuade voters who don’t have strong loyalties to any party. This makes our firm the right choice if you need to appeal to the hearts and minds of Democrats in a competitive primary campaign, or if you must build a broad coalition of support to win a general election in a swing jurisdiction.

Our direct mail has received numerous awards including a gold Pollie Award from the American Association of Political Consultants for the “Best Use of Humor in a Direct Mail Piece” and a silver award for “Best Negative Piece in a Congressional Campaign.” We’ve also received Reed Awards from Campaigns & Elections Magazine for “Best Mail Piece in a Statewide Campaign” and one for “Best Comparative Piece in a Congressional Campaign.”